is a company founded, own and managed by Latinos

On May first 2000 La Vision born as hard copy newspaper.
20,000 thousand copies were distributed every week in commercial places with high daily affluence of Spanish speaking customers.
Despite been a free publication, in only five years La Vision newspaper grow to 70,000 copies per week.
Culturally, Latinos love to be up to date with lates news and information that means education and integration.
Our editorial content helps us to retain readers and develop closing ties with companies who want to advertise in La Vision and reach the fastest growing community of Latinos

Times change so do we.

Trough all these 23 years in the market, La Vision survive many changes such as the downsize in the economy, the arrival of these new technology era and Covid 19. As Latino media, we face the challenge of make dramatic changes or close our doors and lose many years of hard work. So, we decide to adopt the latest resources in technology to transform ourselves and become a WHOLE DIGITAL PLATFORM and reach larger worldwide audiences. All these resources combined allow La Vision to reach hundreds of thousands of Latinos every day.

News and information that connect people around the world

Every day, we continue building loyalty with our readers, followers and clients sharing information that means education and integration.

Several organizations including Georgia secretary of State, has recognized La Vision Media as outstanding business.



If you really want to reach Latino clients, you need to advertise in La Vision whole digital platform.
Our goal is to exceed your expectations in customer engagement and ROI
We offer you a wide range of services to run your advertisement campaign.

  • Design artwork
  • Translation English Spanish
  • Web banner production
  • Production of commercial spots for radio and social media
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